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Smallville Season 9 Episode 10: Disciple

Clark and Lois are coming off of a date at a Daily Planet-sponsored fund raiser.  While the rest of the reporting staff are okay with their two “top basement reporters” dating, Ollie seemed to be standoffish.  Granted, we don’t see Ollie being all sorts of awkward, we’re just given the details in between Clark and Lois’s stabs at PDA.  When Clark offers to give Lois his personal “tour of the galaxy” (again, his words, not mine), Lois tells him that she really wants to take things slow. It doesn’t matter anyway, since Clark’s super hearing alerts him to a woman’s cries and he makes up some ham-fisted excuse to go home and go save the woman.  Lois gets back in her car to go her separate way from their fifth official date and possibly give herself a tour of Lois Lane’s galaxy, when her car refuses to start.

A shadowy figure dressed in Oliver’s Green Arrow costume stands on a Metropolis rooftop and starts slinging arrows through Lois’s car when she goes to look under the hood.  After snarking, “Jealous much?” to the figure on the roof,  he winds back with the bow and arrow and fires one right through Lois’s shoulder.  She hits the ground pronto, bleeding and out cold.

Following the commercial break, Oliver is meditating in his dojo when a shadowy ninja figure breaks in, wearing an all-black ninja costume.  Oliver freaks out, not realizing that it’s Mia (AKA- Speedy, AKA- Pretty Woman with a blackbelt).  Since her face was covered, Oliver mistook her for a garden variety nut and not wanting Stately Queen Manor to become Luthor Mansion, where apparently even a 5-year-old could break in and get past security, Oliver tries to snap her windpipe.  She panics, telling him she was just trying to get the jump on him and that he was too zoned out that she didn’t even recognize when she was calling him by name.  Oliver snaps out of it when he receives a phone call from Chloe telling him what happened to Lois. 

Meanwhile, Clark comes home to find General Zod playing with an apple and prattling about the Trojan War and Adam and Eve.  He waxes all sorts of philosophical, noting that humans hoard knowledge, while Kryptonians teach that knowledge should be shared by all.  At the same time, I wax philosophical about why so many Kryptonians have British accents when there is no England on Krypton. 

From apples to oranges, Zod tells Clark that he worries about how brutal humanity is and that they need to figure out a way to restore the Kryptonian’s powers under the yellow sun.  It’s not so much as a request, but an order.  When that doesn’t work, he throws out a few family-flavored jabs about how he thinks that Clark blames him for Jor-El’s death.  He tells Clark that, having lost a son, he would never deprive someone else of a father.  Clark’s still not buying when he gets a call that Lois is in the hospital, leaving Zod back at the farmhouse and speeding to Lois’s side.

With her arm in a sling, she tells him that her assailant was dressed like Green Arrow. In the meantime, Ollie stands outside Lois’s room chatting with Chloe and debating whether or not to see Lois, considering she’s got boyfriend-type company.

Back at the Watchtower, Chloe pulls up some x-rays noticing that the arrow didn’t miss Lois’s heart or an artery that would have bled her out in minutes.  This arrow was shot by a real marksman who intentionally missed both.  This rings a bell with Oliver who heads to LutherCorp and starts digging through the files.  He hits upon a revelation, uttering a single word: Vortigern. 

Set on a path to stop this Dark Archer, Oliver sets up a bunch of surveillance photos at Queen Manor and tells Mia to get out of his house, dismissing himself as her mentor.  Meanwhile, Vortigern the Dark Archer is waiting in the shadows for Mia and kidnaps her.

Back at the Watchtower, the Dark Archer stands in one of the stained glass windows and shoots an arrow that grazes Chloe’s shoulder.  He beats a hasty retreat when Clark shows up.  Chloe isn’t quite convinced yet that it’s not Oliver gone rogue. She cracks and tells Clark that if he’s gone off the rails on the crazy train, she feels she may have had a hand in it, setting up the whole episode where she poised Oliver to save Victoria Sinclaire.  Clark is P.O.-ed that she did that, because only he’s allowed to not make the tough decisions, which he claims are always the right ones. Chloe retorts that she makes the necessary decisions.  Clark stomps off in a huff leaving Chloe to do some research. 

Back at the hospital, ding-dong! It’s General Zod bringing flowers to Lois! She has no clue who he is and he tells her that he’s an old friend of Clark’s who has heard all about her.  He introduces himself as Zod and is oh-so-vague about their history together. The entire exchange is rather strange, with Lois blathering on about how she feels like she sometimes doesn’t really feel like she knows Clark, and that his (adoptive, as Zod points out) parents probably didn’t even know him.  That’s quite a lot to share with someone you never met before.

Continuing with the weird. Zod gives Lois a charm that some “kids” were selling downstairs in the hospital like some sort of Kryptonian Girl Scout cookies. Lois accepts the shiny gold trinket.  Seeing this new, slimy side to Zod, I’m liking him a lot more.  Callum Blue plays slimy much better than he does uber-authoritative.

Lois is seen wearing the Kryptonian charm around her neck when she encounters Ollie after her release from the hospital, and he tells her that she’s the only thing he ever cared about.  She refutes the statement, informing him that Chloe has been recently targeted by the same person who shot her.  Oliver makes a connection that “a lover, an ally,” and now, possibly “a disciple” have been targeted. 

Chloe’s way ahead of him after Clark does some digging around and finds another sling of arrows with a Celtic knot symbol on them.  Chloe recognizes the symbol as a 13th century Celtic society of vigilantes who have vowed to swear off lovers, friends, and disciples.

Oliver returns to his sanctuary to find the phrase, “When the student is ready, the master appears” scrawled across the walls in red paint. 

Meanwhile, Vortigern, chats with his prisoner, Mia.  He tells her that he’s the one who taught Green Arrow everything he knows.  He knows he may not come to meet him, but will come to save Mia.. But not before he throws her in the middle of this hedge n’ shrubbery labyrinth straight out of The Shining.

Some very formal dialogue about the apprentice heeding his master’s call ensues and Oliver and Vortigern face off.  Ollie tells him that although he treated him like his own son, he had to leave the society. Vortigern intends to hold him to the society’s vows and mentions that he was wounded for the first time and has slowed down mentally and physically.  In accordance with the laws of the society, he needs to be mowed down now before he becomes a less-than-accurate shadow of himself by his apprentice. Oliver, naturally, refuses to slay his father figure and mentor. The Dark Archer tells Oliver how he has a similarly dark heart and feels that Oliver abandoned his society not because he lacked a dark side,  but because he enjoyed the hunt too much.

Clark speeds off to try to help out Ollie, but not before he expresses his equal concern for Chloe, telling her that she’s changed and he worries about the emergence of her dark side, since she hasn’t pried herself away from behind a screen in the Watchtower in ages.  Chloe says she’s doing nothing different than he has by protecting people. 

Meanwhile, Mia’s still wandering around in the maze and the Dark Archer goads the Green Arrow into an arrow duel.  As Clark dives in front of Ollie to stop him from shooting, Ollie fires and shoots Vortigern in the shoulder in the same, non-lethal spot that the Dark Archer hit Lois.  Instead of being killed in his prime, Vortigern gets to go to prison and won’t get out until he’s an old man.  Gee, that’s so much better.

Things resolve themselves with Oliver telling Mia he will be her mentor again and they’re besties once more! 

On another of Clark and Lois’s dates, he spots the Kryptonian charm necklace Zod gave Lois as she tells him all about meeting Clark’s old chum.  Clark seeks out a passive-aggressive Zod and tells him that Lois is off limits.  Zod tells him that he’ll do anything he damn well pleases to Clark’s face and then tells one of his lieutenants that he can’t wait for the day when he and his Kryptonian brethren have their powers restored and Kal-El is by his side… or a prisoner in his stockade.

Next week, get ready for a two-hour episode focusing on the Justice Society/Justice League called, Smallville: Absolute Justice.

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