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Smallville Season 9 Episode 9: Pandora

zodpandoraPicking up where last week’s episode of Smallville, Lois is still comatose following her seizure-riffic smoochfest with Clark. After being nabbed from the hospital, she’s on a slab in Belle Reeve, thanks to Tess Mercer and attended by her double-agent, computer geek minion, Stuart.  Together, thanks to Stuart’s technological know-how, they’re somehow able to tap into Lois’s mind and see what she’s seeing: the future. 

An image of Zod’s solar tower is front and center in Lois’s mind.  This concerns Tess greatly, considering the blueprints for the tower haven’t been released to the public.  Furthermore, Zod’s solar tower looks all sorts of Third Reich-y with red flags galore (in both a literal and figurative sense).  Turns out, the location Lois had disappeared to at the beginning of this season was the future. 

In Lois’s living vision of the future, she encounters a human-hating Kryptonian (who exists pretty much for expository purposes to the audience at home) and sees a red sun amidst post-Apocalyptic, Mad Max-level carnage.  The Kryptonian then tells her that her Red-Blue Blur is dead and points to a tattered shirt with Jor-El’s “S” insignia.

Back in the present, Tess attempts to Quantum Leap into the future with the aid of Teen Minion Stu. Meanwhile, Lois’s dream is not exactly a dream and she’s stuck in a future where the Kent family farm is now a Kryptonian gulag.  The gulag’s warden is Alia the Saucy Kryptonian Ninja Assassin, whom prisoners must barter with. FutureClark arrives on the scene just in time to proffer the Legion ring that transported Lois to the future in the first place, giving it to Alia, who followed Lois to the present.

Lois, happy to see FutureClark, listens to his explanation that he tried to fight Zod and couldn’t win. Zod’s solar tower gives back the power to the Kandorians while simultaneously stripping Clark of his.

Somehow, (because this episode keeps ping-ponging back and forth like Memento and isn’t terribly clear), Lois is in shackles, nabbing treats from a table, having breeched security in the old Luthor mansion where Zod has taken up residence. Zod tries to pry info out of Lois as to how she landed in the future and broke into Stately Luthor Manor.  (Although, regardless of how long you’ve been watching Smallville, it’s common knowledge that Luthor Manor is probably the easiest place to break into).  Their conversation is interrupted by Tess Mercer, the Ultimate Eco Terrorist. Tess explains that she worked hard to get Clark to see that she and Zod were to save Earth from itself and its inhabitants by turning the reins over to Zod and his homies. As a reward, Zod gives Tess Kryptonian dog tags in return for betraying the human race.

Suddenly, a bunch of masked vigilantes break into the mansion (surprise, surprise).  Oliver Queen has got some Kryptonite-laced arrows and bum rushes Luthor manor with the rest of the Justice League, slitting throats and taking names. Although Ollie is the most recognizable member, it is actually Chloe who is the one leading the charge and who stands as the head of the League.

In the fracas, Tess is shot with an arrow and dies in Oliver’s arms.  Chloe was the one who capped her and boy is Ollie hopping mad. FutureChloe is all sorts of emotionless, angry at FutureClark and offing everyone she has to for the greater good. Ollie ends up burying Tess and removes the Kryptonian dog tags as Lois looks on.  

As dirt is shoveled on FutureTess’s face, PresentTess wakes up and tells Stuart it’s dangerous for her and Lois to have memories of the future and orders him to wipe their minds.  Stuart refuses, fearing leaving Lois a vegetable and Tess shoots Stu with zero hesitation.  Clark walks in to see this and Tess attempts to cover her tracks.  Clark’s not having any of it and tosses her to the side, rendering her unconscious as he attempts to put the Kryptonite plugs in to send himself to the Future.

Back in the future, Chloe tells everyone how Zod’s solar tower is key to the Kandorian/s power.  It reflects radiation and turns the sun red. They need to bring back the yellow sun so that Clark can save the world and regain his powers. Chloe has a plan which involves unleashing a computer virus to shut down the tower.

Lois is baffled and still clueless to Clark’s Kryptonian origins, in spite of Chloe’s speech. Clark gives her a ham-fisted explanation of how he trained himself to fight Zod and his history with them, leaving out pertinent details such as he’s the son of Jor-El and hails from Krypton  Apparently, this explanation, a shirtless FutureClark (who, incidentally, looks to have only been training the glamour muscles) and the Red Sun makes Lois all sorts of moist and they get their freak on. Because, sometimes, when you’re trying to save the world, you just have to keep your priorities in order.

Back in the present, Dr. Emil takes a look at Clark and wants to pull him out of the future.  Chloe insists it’s for the best to leave him there.  Clark out would put a lot of people in danger. Clark needs to be in the future to find out how he can avoid destroying the world.

Right before Chloe’s virus destroys Zod’s solar tower, Alia shanks Chloe and kills her. Ollie comes to the rescue, bow drawn and shoos her away.  Meanwhile, Zod is dragging a helpless FutureClark around by his legs through the dirt and demands the Legion ring for the transport device.  Just as Zod prepares to give Clark a Kryptonian curb stomping, eradicating the House of El forever, Chloe’s virus destroys the tower and ends Zod’s reign.  Clark, foolishly, tells Zod his plan to send Lois back to the present so she can save the world and puts the ring on her. Everyone goes back to the present, including the assassin.

Back in the present, Lois; memories from the future are gone, but Clark has them and has an idea of how to stop Zod…. But not before sharing some banter with Lois at the Daily Planet and pondering serious coupledom. 

Back at the Watchtower, Clark tells Chloe that he’s seen what happens when he treats Zod as the enemy.  Perhaps what Jor-El meant when he said “Save Zod” was to save him from himself and become Zod’s BFF. 

Much like PresentClark has FutureClark’s memories of events of things to come,, PresentZod shares FutureZod’s info.  On a mission of peace, Clark heads back to Kandorian headquarters to make nice and Zod orders his Kandorian minions to all kneel before Kal-El. Awkward!  We’ll find out where all this is headed when Smallville resumes on January 22, 2010.

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