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Smallville Season 9 Episode 8: Idol

SMALLVILLEA large crate arrives at the Daily Planet. When Lois and Clark – bickering and bantering back and forth like an old married couple – finally open the box, they find a pair cops stripped down to their skivvies and bound and gagged, the result of a botched undercover drug bust. Clark nearly drops a load of kryptonite in his Super Shorts when he sees someone has co-opted his Blur’s “S” and made it into a window display on a Metropolis high rise. Lois, meanwhile, gets a little tingly in her undies over the prospect of the major scoop in retaliation for The Blur dodging her phone calls.

Lois is losing faith in The Blur and her editor chides her that he wants a story on this, especially since thanks to a Blur blunder, a prominent crime boss is back on the street. Instead of banging out a story, Lois heads to her shrink to tell her doctor how she has dreams about banging out yet another, much more erotic story with Clark.  Mid-session, Lois’s phone rings with her refusing to pick up and we discover The Blur has his very own ringtone: “Holding Out For a Hero.”

Across town, a shapeshifting goth chick named Jayna and her equally shapeshift-y neo-grunge brother, Zan, corner the drug lord in his limo and crash it by stunning the driver by morphing into their puma and rottweiler forms, respectively.  After spraypainting a big “S” on the hood of the limo to give props to The Blur, Jayna snaps a photo of it with her very distinctive, blinged out phone with a picture of Gleek the Spacemonkey on it in rhinestones.  As an electrical tower collapses onto the limo, the Wonder Twins beat a hasty retreat and Jayna accidentally leaves her phone at the site.

At the site, Lois investigates while keeping her eye on a Metropolis D.A. who is running for mayor on the platform of discrediting The Blur.  Lois also finds herself questioning what seems to be the Blur’s rash of mistakes and “quarterlife crisis.” Prior to joining Lois at the site, Clark is dispatched by Chloe to the Wonder Twins apartment, tracked via Jayna’s phone and brings them back to the Watchtower.

Chloe then demonstrates her technologically strong pimp hand, threatening to delete Zan and Jayna’s web prescence and gets to the bottom of the orphaned Wonder Twins’ story, discovering why they are ruining the Blur’s rep.  As it turns out, they were merely inspired by their hero, The Blur, and are attempting to continue his work and want to help him – even if their attempts reek of botch. Once again, the Blunder Twins unwittingly help to bring about the most epic fail so far, accidentally Gilligan-ing the machine that helps to distort Clark’s voice while he’s on the phone with Lois as The Blur.  Lois finally picks up the phone when The Blur calls her, allowing him to explain he was not responsible for what had happened.  Thanks to the Blunder Twins messing with the voice modulator, Lois hears Clark’s voice telling him to trust her at the end of the conversation. The super jig is up and Lois realizes that she no longer has to reconcile her feelings of attraction for both The Blur and Clark since they’re one and the same.

In downtown Metropolis, the corrupt D.A. calls out The Blur to appear and account for his crimes. You, sir, are no Harvey Dent! Swung firmly back onto Team Blur, Lois bum-rushes the press conference and makes an impassioned plea for the public to exonerate The Blur. After privately threatening to expose the D.A. sucking the city dry of funds, he retaliates by taking her to the rooftop where The Blur’s shield has been drawn on the ground.  He tells her he has his own idea for a frontpage story: “The Blur Murders Lois Lane.” The D.A. hurls Lois off the building and miraculously, she catches and hangs onto a flagpole perched precariously on the edge of the building.

Clark spots her and zips up to the building and tries to help her, reaching out.  (Get it together and learn to fly already, Clark!) Lois refuses to allow Clark to reveal himself as The Blur and loses her grip. Clark zips down into the fog created by the Wonder Twins who have shapeshifted to catch Lois as she hurtles towards the ground, gently placing her on the ground.

Clark zips down to make sure Lois wasn’t splattered on the ground and finds himself grateful to the now-redeemed Blunder Twins.  Lois looks up, bewildered, and says to him “Even after all this, you still can’t tell me,” that he’s really The Blur.  Clark’s secret identity is saved by the bell, literally, as the pay phone (they still have those things!?) starts ringing.  The voice of The Blur on the other end says that he hopes this made it up to Lois for not calling her before.

Clark later asks Chloe how she managed to achieve this and she shows him the new software she used to replicate Clark’s distorted Blur Voice.  She made the call at the last minute to throw Lois off his track, knowing that she was hot on his heels.  Clark, in turn, takes issue that Chloe’s been listening in on his private conversations and playing “Big Brother.”  She tells him it was for his own good, that Lois never would have stopped until she knew his secret identity if she had still believed he was the Blur.

While he won’t reveal himself to his girlfriend, Clark does out himself as The Blur to the Wonder Twins, telling them to believe in the shield and what it represents.  He tells them to be more careful in their actions, yet that he was flattered that they held fast to his message, proud to inspire others to become heroes themselves.

Back at the Daily Planet, Clark makes a ham-fisted attempt to explain what he’s been hiding from Lois: That he’s a bit nearsighted.  Taking a pair of horn-rimmed, coke bottle glasses out of his pocket, this is one more step on the Smallville writer’s team to spin Clark in the direction of Classic Kent.  Lois suggests something more modern, such as contacts.  After taunting Clark that she’ll only call him four-eyes once in awhile she plants a passionate one on him, inducing yet another one of her weird, red-tinted waking visions, including such favorites as Red Sun, Dead Chloe, and Frisky Clark and Lois before passing out in Clark’s arms before the credits and previews for next week’s ep roll.

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